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The National Environment Agency (NEA) was formed as a statutory board under MSE on 1 July 2002. Focusing on enhancing and sustaining a clean and green environment in Singapore, NEA spearheads environmental initiatives and program through its partnership with the 3P (People, Public and Private) sectors. NEA is committed to motivating every individual to take up environmental ownership and to care for the environment as a way of life.

By protecting Singapore's resources from pollution, maintaining a high level of public health and providing timely meteorological information, the NEA endeavours to ensure sustainable development and a quality living environment for present and future generations.

The key program that underpin NEA's mission include: Pollution control, Solid waste management, Energy efficiency, Radiation protection & nuclear safety, Prevention and control of vector-borne diseases, Public hygiene and cleanliness, Management of hawker centres, Meteorological services, 3P (People, Public and Private) Partnership, and Environmental Training.

For more information, kindly visit the NEA website