At MSE, we endeavour to create an organisational culture where resource conservation, health and safety at the workplace is second nature.

We view our commitment to environmental protection and enhancement, health and safety seriously and desire to do our part in preserving the environment for future generations.

Apart from instilling awareness in MSE staff, we take ownership by being active in pursuing safe, environmentally friendly resources to meet our organisational needs:

Green Procurement and Partnership with Suppliers

  • We consider environmental, health and safety best practices when planning for contracts, procurement and operations as well as identify new green initiatives. We encourage our suppliers to implement similar environmental practices.

Pollution Prevention

  • We strive to ensure that all harmful impact on the environment as a result of our activities is minimised.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • We use our resources efficiently to reduce wastage.
  • We develop innovative ways to reuse our resources.
  • We promote opportunities to recycle.


  • We monitor, evaluate and continually improve our environmental, health and safety management practices to ensure efficient use of resources.


  • We actively ensure that all our activities and operations comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements through constant monitoring, evaluation and auditing of the implemented systems.

The Environment Building, where MSE, NEA, PUB and SFA offices are located, was also awarded the Eco-office Recertification since 2005 and the BCA Green Mark for Buildings Platinum Award in 2011. Some of the Eco-Office features at our building include:

  • LED lighting instead of fluorescent tubes
  • Waterless urinal flushing system
  • Collection system for rainwater and condensates
  • Titanium dioxide coating for all toilets
  • Bio-composting system for horticulture waste