Corporate Development Division

CDD provides support in the areas of human resources, finance, infocomms technology as well as readiness & corporate services.

Environmental Policy Division (EPD)

EPD formulates, reviews and implements strategies to build a sustainable environment in Singapore. This includes adopting a circular economy approach to achieve a zero-waste nation, and safeguarding public health to build a liveable and endearing home.

Energy and Climate Policy Division (ECPD)

ECPD oversees issues such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, climate science and adaptation.

Water Food Policy Division (WFPD)

WFPD works on policies to provide a reliable and high quality water and food supply, enhance food safety to safeguard public health, manage flood risk and drainage planning as well as regulate performance and demand management through tariff and cost control.

International Policy Division (IPD)

Singapore’s environment and water quality are affected as much by what happens within Singapore as well as what goes on beyond our borders. Recognising these challenges, IPD seeks to maintain and enhance good relations with the international community through bilateral, regional and international initiatives.

Communications and 3P Partnership Division (C3PD)

C3PD supports the implementation of environmental, food and water policies and programmes through effective public communications and engagement. The Division also oversees initiatives to drive quality service excellence.

Research, Futures and Planning Division (RFPD)

RFPD co-ordinates strategic planning for MSE and drives the planning for MSE family's transformation, as well as science and technology and research co-ordination.