In MSE, we value our staff and believe in helping our officers develop to their fullest potential. We have a comprehensive learning and development framework which comprises external and in-house training, job postings within and beyond the Ministry as well as opportunities for secondment to our statutory boards, NEAPUB and SFA.

Learning Opportunities

MSE has a comprehensive learning framework for officers to enhance their knowledge and expertise. An annual budget is set aside for your specialised learning needs. You can expect to attend external and in-house training, participate in divisional retreats and attend educational trips to MSE Family installations such as the Marina Barrage Sustainable Singapore Gallery, NEWater Visitor Centre, Pulau Semakau and Incineration Plants.

Career Development

MSE also believes in enabling our people to develop to their fullest potential while striving to meet both individual and organisational needs. While on the job, you will have opportunities to be exposed to different and varied job scopes. With the right attitude and aptitude, you will rise and assume more challenging roles. At suitable junctures in your career, you can also look forward to job postings within the MSE family which will enable you to gain a broader perspective of what we do.

Training Sponsorships/Scholarships

As part of our effort in promoting continuous learning, MSE also provides training sponsorships and scholarships to enhance our officers’ personal development.