More schools are adopting strategies to fight climate change. Students, educators and school administrators can all play a role in fighting climate and developing a climate-friendly learning environment. Pledge now to take Climate Action and fight climate change.

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Some tips to get you started:

1. Reduce the use of plastic disposables in canteen (e.g. straws, takeaway boxes etc.)

2. Switch off lights after use; and use natural lighting wherever possible

3. Switch off plug loads at the power socket after school hours

4. Set the air-conditioner at 24-25ºC, where possible

5. Set up a recycling corner

6. Minimize paper usage by printing on both sides, encouraging projects to be submitted in softcopy

7. Purchase sustainably sourced equipment

8. Educate students on the effects of climate change and how to reduce their carbon footprint

9. Conduct outreach activities to share school’s environmental initiatives

10. Organise field trips to sustainable/environmentally events.