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Singapore’s Climate Action Week (15 – 21 August) Galvanises Collective Action on Climate Change

TOPICS: Climate Change

 Ground-up initiatives build broader public awareness of key issues on sustainability and climate change

1. Singapore’s ‘Climate Action Week’ takes place from 15 - 21 August this year. Organised by the Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE), the Week features a line-up of 30 ground-up initiatives organised by 27 partners from the 3P (People, Private and Public) sectors. (Please click here for details on the initiatives.)

2. Climate change is a long-term existential challenge for Singapore. Even as we address the immediate issues stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, we must continue to press on with sustainability efforts. Galvanising a whole-of-nation effort will be a key determinant of Singapore’s success in mitigating and adapting to the challenges posed by climate change.

3. Climate Action Week was initiated last year, following the successful conclusion of the Year of Climate Action in 2018. This annual event helps to sustain the momentum for climate action in Singapore, by catalysing and profiling the organisation of climate-change themed events led by partners in the 3P sectors.

4. Climate Action Week is part of the MSE Family’s efforts to foster deeper partnerships with stakeholders and citizens, and co-create and co-deliver solutions for Singapore’s environmental challenges. Other initiatives include a Citizens’ Workgroup in 2019 to explore ways to improve household recycling, an ongoing Workgroup to increase demand for local produce, and another on reducing the excessive consumption of disposables, which will be convened later this year.

5. Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, emphasised the importance of partnerships for climate action: “I am greatly encouraged by the meaningful ground-up events our partners in the 3P sectors have organised, despite the challenges faced in this COVID-19 pandemic. Climate change remains an existential challenge for Singapore, and we must continue to work together to understand, mitigate and adapt to it. Climate Action Week embodies our Singapore Together spirit — through collective action, we can effect change for a sustainable Singapore”.



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