Parliament Q&A

Written reply by Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and the Environment, to Parliamentary Question on Building of Hawker Centre in Bukit Batok HDB Town, on 4 September 2020

Mr Murali Pillai: To ask the Minister for Sustainability and the Environment whether the schedule for the building of the hawker centre in Bukit Batok HDB Town by 2027 may be brought forward to deal with the increased number of dwelling units and to stabilise the food and beverage prices in the area.

Written Reply by Minister Grace Fu:


 My Ministry announced during the Committee of Supply debates in 2019 that the Bukit Batok hawker centre will be co-located with the assisted living residential flats pilot in Bukit Batok Town. NEA is coordinating with HDB on the timeline of the co-located development. We will announce further details such as the expected date of completion when ready. We will also continue to engage the local adviser on the progress of the centre.  Meanwhile, besides the existing coffee shops and other eating establishments already in the area, new coffee shops have also been added by HDB with the completion of new HDB flats in the area, to serve the dining needs of residents.

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