Organisations can have a great impact on the climate. Organisations can benefit by taking action to recognize and anticipate climate-related risks. By making strategic decisions, organisations can take the lead in sustainability. Pledge now to take Climate Action and fight climate change.

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Some tips to get you started:

1. Start measuring your organisation's carbon footprint.

2. Form a green / sustainability committee. 

3. Reduce carbon footprint by ____% (please specific targets)

4. Organise activities or events to educate internal and external stakeholders on the importance of taking climate action.

5. Adopt environmentally friendly best practices when hosting or organising events.

6. Install dimmers and occupancy sensors.

7. Raise air-conditioner set temperature by 1-2℃ (for large building with centralised air-con).

8. Purchase energy efficient or sustainably sourced products.

9. Switch off lights during lunch hours.

10. Go paper-free.

11. Set up a recycling corner.

12. Retrofit/replace/upgrade existing equipment (such as chillers, lightings, appliances) with more energy efficient ones.

13. Use clean energy.