Safe Distancing

Under Phase 2 of our re-opening, all members of public are required to adhere to safe distancing measures, as announced earlier by the Ministry of Health. These measures include: 

a)         Wearing of face masks at all times when outside one’s home, unless when eating, drinking or doing strenuous exercises

b)         Maintaining a safe distance of at least one metre between individuals

c)         Maintaining a safe distance of at least one metre between groups (each group is to comprise not more than five persons) and strictly no intermingling between groups.

d)         At home, there should not be more than five visitors at any one time.  

 Safe Distancing Ambassadors (SDA) and Safe Distancing Enforcement Officers (EO) will continue to be on the ground to remind members of public of these measures. We urge members of the public to cooperate with the SDAs and EOs when approached.


It’s a collective effort – play your part

Even as we expand our testing strategy and improve contact tracing efforts, it is important that everyone plays their part in our country’s safe re-opening.

  • • Do download the TraceTogether App, and use SafeEntry when entering premises, to help with contact tracing.
  • • You may wish to refer to to check the crowd situation before heading to the markets, supermarkets, malls, sports facilities and Sentosa.
  • • When visiting the parks, do check for the latest updates on visitorship levels.

Remember – you are the first line of defence

It is important to practise safe distancing and maintain good personal hygiene as we go about our daily lives, so that we can reduce the risks of transmission in the community.

o   If you are sick, see a doctor and stay at home.

o   Wash your hands with soap frequently or use hand sanitiser.

o   Avoid sharing food or shaking hands.

o   Dispose used tissues and masks into trash bins.

o   When dining out, return trays and used crockery after meals to keep tables clean for others.

o   Use contactless payment where possible

Our collective efforts will keep Singapore safe, and allow for the gradual resumption of more activities.

Feedback on Safe Distancing

The OneService App now has a dedicated function for reporting cases where safe distancing is not being practised. The information provided will help the relevant agencies to know where the “hotspots” are, which require further enforcement and patrolling action.


Download the OneService App
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  2. For Android devices

Latest Updates 

 22 Sep 2020Three More Food and Beverage Premises Ordered to Close and Four Outlets Issued Fines for Breaching Safe Management Measures
 17 Sep 2020Three Food and Beverage Premises Ordered to Close for Breaching Safe Management Measures
 15 Sep 2020Stepped Up Enforcement Checks on Safe Management Measures at Food and Beverage Premises
 4 May 2020

Attack on Safe Distancing Enforcement Officer at Sungei Serangoon Park Connector on 4 May 2020

 2 May 2020

Home-Based Food Businesses Allowed to Resume Operations From 12 May 2020

 17 Apr 2020

Zero Tolerance for Abuse of Enforcement Officers and Ambassadors

15 Apr 2020

Almost 50 Agencies Involved in Efforts to Ensure Successful Implementation of Safe Distancing in Public Spaces in HDB Estates

13 Apr 2020

Update on Enforcement Actions and Refresher on What to Do and Not to Do

12 Apr 2020More Staying Home with Tightened Enforcement

11 Apr 2020

Stiffer Penalties for Breach of Safe Distancing Measures from 12 April 2020

10 Apr 2020More than 2,900 Stern Warnings and 40 Fines Issued for Failure to Comply with Elevated Safe Distancing Measures
09 Apr 2020153 Stern Warnings Issued as Enforcement on Circuit Breaker Measures Tightens
08 Apr 2020

Three Stern Written Warnings and 10,000 Written Advisories Issued for Failure to Comply with Safe Distancing Measures; Closure of Public Spaces to Prevent Congregations 

07 Apr 2020Penalties and Enforcement Actions against Breaches of Elevated Safe Distancing Measures in Public Spaces in HDB Estates
06 Apr 2020 

Enforcement of Safe Distancing Measures in Public Spaces in HDB Estates to Curb COVID-19 Transmission


Safe Distancing at Markets


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Signalling Safe Distancing