An Active and Gracious Community

Singaporeans must become exemplary stewards of our environment. We must participate in shaping our neighbourhoods, and build a more gracious society together as a community. It should be second nature for people, businesses, and the Government to come together to care for our common spaces and environment, take a long-term perspective in conserving precious resources, and champion a sustainable way of life.

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How will we achieve An Active and Gracious Community?

Provide more public spaces for communities to contribute in terms of design and programmes
The Ubin Project engages the public to enhance our natural environment in a senstive and sensible manner, to create new experiences and experiment with new sustainable technology
Work with stakeholders to realise and enhance the Rail Corridor as a contiguous green space for recreational use
Create more little-free "Bright Spots" as part of the Keep Singapore Clean Movement
Encourage businesses to be sensitive to their environmental impact and to participate in voluntary programmes
Take the lead in environmental sustainability through the "Public Sector Taking the Lead in Environmental Sustainability" 2.0 initiative

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